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About us

Introduction of Fiorex Packaging LTD.


You are not only looking for a specific product but also searching for the safe transportation of your goods? You might want to find new solutions to make your weekdays easier?  

As a managing director of a company specialised in packaging technologies, I am aware of the importance for both my clients and myself of getting the transported goods intact and in time from one point to another. Furthermore, I consider that it is extremely important whether a company, operating in this field, beyond the products distributed by it, is capable or not to provide supplementary services to its clients to facilitate their life? A company specialised in the packaging industry will not be a good company only by providing appropriate packaging materials to its clients; all this should be completed by fully comprehensive solutions. 

For this reason, beyond providing packaging technology solutions, we are also dealing with the production, repair and renting of one-way pallets, the purchasing of frames and boxes. We attach to all that comfort solutions like the establishment of consignation warehouses, Just in Time transportation or the purchasing of the unnecessary pallets arrived to the warehouse with the goods.

During the meetings with my clients, I make my best efforts to present them new solutions and technologies.


Why would you choose Fiorex as your partner?

Are you expecting modernity and momentum?
Would you like to cooperate with a supplier that understands your modernistic ideas and follows your momentum? 

What is the best solution for your goods?
Even the most experienced purchasing responsible shall appreciate to have someone to deal with in packaging matters.

Get everything from the same place?
Large companies are well aware of the fact that ordering everything from the same place will considerably reduce administration, checkups and freight costs.

Would you like to know divers solutions?
You are not sure of the best packaging material for your goods? We have a very large offer in pallets and packaging materials.

Have your stocks stored in our warehouses!
We accumulate own stocks of regularly ordered goods for our fix clients. The clients may receive immediately all they need.

In case of just-in-time transportation, the goods will be delivered at the previously agreed moment. No need for warehouse stocking if you don’t have the necessary place for! 


Our services
As a company specialised in packaging technologies, our main profile is the sale of packaging technology materials. Our several years of experience made us realise that this is just not enough. We are well aware of the fact that our clients might have problems that cannot be solved only by the proposition and the supply of our products. Our goal is to find real solutions in cooperation with you. We have therefore elaborated different services to sort out the sudden stock shortage, warehousing problems or the recycling of the actually used pallets.

We would like to assist you in the difficult decisions and in the realization of your ideas. 

Let’s work together, let’s cooperate and let’s find the solutions together! 

Our services in detail:

Consignation warehouses
It is very frequent that a company uses such an important volume of packaging technology materials that such materials may not be stored (or with important difficulty) or be continuously supplied. Our consignation warehouse provides a solution to this problem. You may store your packaging materials at ease and you can be sure to have all materials that you need ready to hand when necessary.

Why did we create consignation warehouses?
As a company specialised in packaging technologies, we are aware that the respect of the deadlines and the flexible transportation capacities are very important for the users and for our clients. These continuously increasing expectations made us review the whole supplying system that resulted in the elaboration of the concept of the consignation warehousing. 

We know how annoying it can be when the freight is delayed in reason of the tardiness of the supplier. The use of consignation warehouses may reduce the risk of loss in production by maintaining a permanent stock of packaging materials. 

How do the consignation warehouses work?
A client disposing of a consignation warehouse sends us a monthly report on the use of packaging materials. We issue an invoice on the basis of such report and establish the minimal stock levels for every product on the basis of the data on the use of the materials. In case of shortage of a material, we automatically refill the client’s warehouse. Thus we may avoid the shortage situations and the suppliers’ delays.

If you have lot of problems with your suppliers and you estimate that a consignation warehouse could be a solution for you, or simply wish to be more up to date in consignation warehouse matters, don’t hesitate to contact us! 

Packaging planning
Which is the best solution for you?

It is sometimes very difficult to make head or tails out of packaging technologies. Without an appropriate assistance, it may be hard thinking to decide on the choice of the most convenient box, foil or paper for the transportation of the goods. Fiorex Packaging Ltd. can facilitate your decision. We inform our clients in details on our continuously renewing packaging technology equipments and if necessary, we advise them on the most appropriate packaging methods for their needs.

Our well trained professional technicians follow these continuous improvements and changes and they help us to choose the most appropriate devices for the safe delivery of the goods. 

Fiorex joined Omnipack, the First Hungarian Cluster in Packaging Technology, in 2009. The primary goal of this association is to provide our clients with the highest quality products and services. This will not cause any supplementary cost, neither to the users nor to the fabricants. Companies joining the association do not behave as competitors but complete each other on a given market. This way, their special knowledge and markets may be contracted. 


Which materials are concerned by the heat treatment obligation? In which cases is the heat treatment compulsory?

  • The directive applies to packaging materials made of plain wood: pallets, wooden spacers, crates, packaging boxes, drums, racks and skids, present in most of the export freights. Shipments are also concerned that usually are not subject to plant health examinations.

  • Processed packaging materials made of wood and produced from wood based products (for example plywood, veneer, OSB boards, etc.), prepared with a sticking, heat and compression technology or with their combination are considered as appropriately treated wooden materials without any plant health risk. Therefore, such materials are not concerned by heat treatment obligations.

  • Wooden packaging materials made of plain wood of maximum 6 mm thickness are not submitted to the compulsory control.

  • The indication on the wood packaging material should always guarantee that the material meets all the requirements. We provide such guarantee with clean conscience!


Fiorex Packaging Ltd.
H-4002 Debrecen, Zúzmara utca. 8.
Cell Phone: +36 20 3424 929 
E-mail: info@fiorex.hu

Robert Csarnai
general manager
E-mail: robert.csarnai@fiorex.hu

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